Highlighting Spring 2017s Share Your Shutters Winner

Gary Harding

Spring is in full swing here in Denver, but we haven’t forgotten about our regularly scheduled Share Your Shutters contest. Spring’s contest winner is Tonya S., who submitted a few photos of her new shutters that feature a lot of great design choices.

closed shutters in dining room 

Tonya’s space features some gorgeous new Polywood® plantation shutters in her dining room. Since her shutters are shut, you can really get a glimpse of how much control plantation shutters really give you over your lighting. Imagine that dining room with a slightly softer light; it would be the perfect setting for a personal candlelit dinner, right? With plantation shutters in your home like Tonya has, you can capture the mood you want regardless of what it’s like outside. 

Also of note is how the white shutters complement the white trim near the floors as well as the white ceiling. Those matching whites let the black table and the hardwood floor’s natural color stand out even more.

She didn’t stop at just one photo of her shutters, though. Below is another photo she submitted of her new sliding barn door shutter!

rustic barn door shutter 

There’s a number of reasons we love this barn door shutter. First off, it looks fantastic. The homespun look of the wood panel with that modern black sliding track above give a timeless yet relaxed look. What we like even more than the looks is the practicality of the shutter. The barn door shutter sits on the front of the window frame, so it can control the light levels while still letting the window operate.

Since her shutter sits on the frame, Tonya can still use that deep window jamb, too. As an example, if she wanted to set a plant on the sill to get sunlight, she’s even able to close the shutter so it can catch some rays while keeping her home dim if she likes.

According to Tonya this is the third time she’s chosen window treatments from Sunburst Shutters, and we want to thank her for continuing to choose us for all her shutter and window treatment needs. For winning our quarterly Share Your Shutters contest, Tonya will get a $100 gift card to a restaurant in her area.

Are your new shutters beautiful enough to be featured here? Show them off! Share a photo of your home featuring your shutters using the hashtag #ShareYourShutters, or post a photo on our Facebook page. We’d love to showcase some shutters from a Coloradan next time!

Or if Tonya’s photos make you feel like your home is missing a little something, we want to help. Call 720-538-0182 today to talk to one of Sunburst Shutters Denver’s window design experts to begin.