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Enhance your Decor Using Woven Shades In Denver

When you dress your windows with woven shades in Denver, your home gains the zen-like colors and textures seen in nature. These easy-to-use window shades use fine hardwoods, grasses, or reeds to make a look that completes your rooms greater than fussy window treatments like blind or drapes. The result is a window shade that gives a soothing elegance to your living room, home office, bedroom, or any room in the house.

Pick from a multitude of wooded materials -- like bamboo, reeds, or jute -- each with their own unique texture and weave. When pulled down, the sunlight trickles through your woven shades, giving you an idea of what’s outside while still giving a good sense of privacy. Then, when you want to see the sun, just pull up the covering like you could with any other traditional roller shade.


Woven Shade Options

Woven shades window treatments

When you use woven shades in Denver, you have a plethora of material, weaves, and textures to choose from. Whether you use a popular bamboo or more delicate jute, your woven shade will give you a naturalness that creates a calm space. Loose weaves allow more sunlight to filter through when your woven shade is closed, while keeping privacy. Tighter weaves let your covering function like a common window shade while retaining the wooded texture that you can only find in a woven reed. 


Why Buy Woven Shades In Denver

Woven shades window treatments

Woven shades are seen as a popular decor item in Denver. They work in a home office as the weave gives you privacy, yet lets light in to help open up the entire room. They fit splendidly on a patio door or any window where you want to create a transition to the outside. Or perhaps you just want to give your rooms some zen. With the number of looks for your woven shades, you can get whatever look you’re going for.

Every woven shade in Denver has a some type earth tone. Your shades, therefore, will easily fit into any decors -- from basic whites to colorful hues to ornate wallpaper. Most homeowners pick traditional cords to raise and lower their woven shades, but motorized options have become more and more popular.


Woven Shade Warranty

Woven shades in a kitchen
Like all window shades offered by Sunburst Shutters Denver, our woven shades are backed against any and all manufacturing defects in installation, material, design, and workmanship. Cords and mechanisms are backed for 3 years. Fabric and motorization are backed for 5 years.

Woven Shade Details


Operation Mechanism

Conventional Cord




Lower Top-Down

Weave Material

Bamboo, Reeds, Or Jute


Natural Wood

Various Metal Styles


Bottom Rail


Natural Earth Tones (Depending On The Material)


Sunburst Shutters Denver Will Help You Choose An Elegant Woven Shade

If you need a woven shade in Denver, just call the window treatment pros at Sunburst Shutters Denver. We’ll explain all the benefits these natural shades can bring to your home, while measuring all your windows for just the right fit. Just call 720-538-0182 or fill out the form below to book your no-cost in-home consultation!