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Brown window shades in a white bedroom

How To Pick Window Treatments For White Walls In Denver

March 14, 2024

White is a normal wall color in Denver houses. It lightens up an area and functions well with [all|various|different]29]color schemes. But once you have white walls, you must select window treatments that complement them. Fortunately, you’ll discover suitable window treatments in numerous color tones. Regardless of what look you’re trying to accomplish, it’s not difficult to discover window treatments for white walls in Denver if you adhere to these recommendations.

Pick White Window Treatments For A Monochromatic Look

White Polywood plantation shutters on two skinny windows in a white dining room

Monochromatic and neutral color palettes are a classic look countless Denver occupants adore. If you would rather have a space of corresponding, lighter colors, placing white window treatments on white walls is an obvious solution. You may match your window coverings to the color of your wall or incorporate a brighter or softer white to get a bit of variance and keep the room from appearing too stark or cold.

Selecting white window treatments with a different texture will also help achieve a more inviting look. Consider pleated shades to supply a white wall with a softer feel. Or rely on the parallel lines of white louvered shutters or top-quality window blinds to add a unique element amid all the white.

Install Colorful Window Shades To Provide Color To A White Interior

Blue cellular shades on four windows in a white wall over a window seat

White is a preferred wall color choice since you can complement it with every other color. If you paint your room white to enjoy this flexibility, pick any window treatment color that strikes your fancy.

Fabric window shades provide the widest range of colors and patterns. Use shades in pastel colors to keep the space light and fresh, or make an impression with a bold, color-saturated shade. Shades with stylish patterns may also give your whole area a new look. Your white walls are like a blank canvas. Choose shades with floral patterns, and your white room looks feminine and pretty. Select a geometric pattern shade, and your interior will now have a modern appearance.

Go With Darker Treatments To Get Dramatic Contrast

Dark wood plantation shutters on a window over a bed in a white bedroom

If you prefer neutral color schemes, white window treatments aren’t the only choice. Coupling dark-colored window treatments with white walls Denver will have a dramatic impact. The contrast of darker brown or black treatments against white walls has amazing visual appeal that catches the eye. You can achieve this appearance with a product in a dark fabric or paint. Window treatments fabricated with natural materials are a preferred option, too. If you select a wood shutter, ask for a deeper stain color to contrast with your white walls.

Consult With Sunburst To Discover The Best Window Treatments For White Walls In Denver

Looking for eye-catching window treatments to blend with white walls? Sunburst Shutters Denver has a wide assortment of choices and will help you select the right one for your residence. Call 720-538-0182 or complete the form below to arrange a free in-home consultation. We’ll dispatch one of our experts to your home to present samples next to your beautiful white walls.