Your 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist in Denver

Gary Harding

The whirl of 2019 has ended, and 2020 is in full swing. Now, it’s time to get on your New Year’s resolution of making your Denver home more energy efficient on boosting your Denver home’s energy efficiency. Luckily, you need to make only several small changes to your home,such as our quality Polywood® shutters, to ensure that 2020 rings in with lower energy bills and less fiddling with the thermostat.  

Prepare your home for years to come with this 2020 home maintenance checklist for Denver.
Faux wood plantation shutters in Denver 

1.) Keep The Heat In With Energy-Efficient Window Coverings 

In 2020, say goodbye to freezing winter drafts and & hello there to energy-efficient window coverings with our custom-fitted Polywood® plantation shutters. These appealing faux wood shutters feature an advanced insulation system, which offers up to 70% more insulation than wood shutters and 1600% more than aluminum blinds, meaning you won’t ever be forced to choose between design or efficiency again.

Our Polywood plantation shutters also offer a timeless design quality that goes well with any décor and provides lower energy costs at the same time. These American-made high-quality shutters won’t warp or yellow in spite of changes in temperature or exposure to the sun, and they will become an enduring characteristic of your home. Because of our lifetime warranty, you can enjoy the same timeless look and energy efficiency for years to come.

2.) Pay The Heater A Visit

While you should always give your furnace a yearly tune-up, 2020 may be just the right time to evaluate if you should upgrade your HVAC system. Begin by giving your heating system a practice run to make sure it is operating correctly and change the furnace filter if needed. Then check for any clinking, clunking, shuddering, or humidity issues.

Don’t feel knowledgable enough to check these items on your own? Consider hiring a heating and cooling professional to inspect your HVAC system to make sure it’s both safe and efficient. An expert can make recommendations about proper maintenance and replacement if you have an older HVAC system in your Denver home.

3.) Take Note Of Expensive Items

A living room filled with furniture and a fireplace

Every year you should take stock of your house to evaluate what needs to be improved. This lets you make an informed budget for impending repairs instead of needing to scramble around at the very last minute. For 2020, take a closer look at those big-ticket items and calculate when they may need repair or replacement. As a result, you can create a long-term budgeting outlook that can last until 2025 or even 2030.

What items should be on your big-ticket 2020 home maintenance checklist?
  • Fireplace and Chimneys: Cooler: wet months make for an excellent time of year to evaluate if your fireplace, chimney, and vents are in good repair. Especially check for cracks in the mortar or missing bricks. And remember to inspect your wood stoves!
  • Gutters: Give the gutters a close inspection for leaves and debris. Watch for damage or missing parts.
  • Roof: Assess your roof for problems with your shingles to confirm your roof is prepped for wet and windy weather. Go into the attic when it’s raining to make sure there aren’t any drips that are coming through.
  • Plumbing: Turn your faucets on and off a few times and listen for any hammering or shuddering. These sounds could mean that air is trapped within the plumbing, which may not be a problem right this minute but could lead to a leak later on.

Sunburst Can Help You With Your 2020 Home Maintenance Checklist With Energy-Efficient Polywood® Plantation Shutters

Are you ready to improve your home for this new decade? Our custom-fitted Polywood® shutters can bring energy efficiency and style to your Denver home. Just call 720-538-0182 or complete the following form to schedule a complimentary consultation in the comfort of your own home today!