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Save Up To 25% -- The More You Buy, The More You Save.
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What Window Treatments Help Your Home Look Best From Outside?

June 19, 2017

As a smart homeowner in Denver, you buy window treatments based on how they can make your interior look. But have you given much thought as to which window treatments look best from the exterior, and which ones can give your home some added curb appeal?

Below are our top recommendations for window treatments that make your home’s exterior look even better.

Shutters Give You Curb Appeal

Shutters are great for maximizing curb appeal because their looks stand out even from outdoors. With their crisp, clean geometry and wide louvers, shutters “pop” more than other window treatments, and complement just about any type of building. With the stunning whites from Polywood® plantation shutters or beautifully rustic looks of Ovation® wood shutters, they can be a great counterpoint to any kind of siding, from shingle to brick to stone.

Denver shutters home exterior

Shutters can also help give you a consolidated look across each of your windows. Mismatched window treatments on one side of your home can give you48 a messy look, so the ability to coordinate the window treatments across all your windows is a substantial benefit. Our shutters are custom made to fit any kind and size of window, so you can get a clean, uniform look no matter what.

Finally, shutters are exceedingly durable and easy to clean, so you’ll never have to worry about them looking dingy, sun-bleached or dusty in the window like you would with a fabric window covering.

Exterior view of shutters Denver home 

Shades In Denver Offer Color Versatility

Though they may not have the same “pop” as shutters do, the most notable benefits of shades are their clean, solid look and wide variety of colors. If you have a very specific color scheme that you want to stick to across every party of your home – shades are the window treatment for you. With nearly endless choices in colors and textures, shades might be your most versatile option.

Keep in mind with shades that they require a bit more maintenance to maintain their awesome looks. Over the course of a few months, they can wrinkle, crease, discolor, which can make them lose any appeal they had. Also be mindful of how silhouettes can appear behind them in the evening when your inside lights are on.

Grab Your Neighbors’ Attention With New Window Treatments

If you’re ready to catch some more eyes in your neighborhood with the help of shutters, drapes or shades, give us a call today at 720-538-0182. We’ll personally demonstrate all of your options, and find window treatments that work best for your Denver home.