What Happens With Your In-Home Shutter Consultation

Gary Harding

Before you determine what window covering to buy, some companies, like Sunburst, recommend an in-home consultation. By bringing the treatments to you, we can show you how different shutters, blinds, and shades would match up to your windows. This consultation makes it easier to envision your options and makes you feel satisfied with your final choice.

But what happens during an in-home consultation? And how will meeting a representative in your home enable you to better choose the perfect window treatment? Sunburst is a leader in these in-home consultations, and here’s what you will experience at your appointment.

Walking Through A Typical In-Home Shutters Consultation

Homeowners looking at samples of window treatments.

Start by arranging an appointment by contacting your local representative. If you already can picture the perfect coverings for you window, like our Polywood® plantation shutter, then we will make it a point to bring you some options for your preferred product. We will also show additional treatments, so you can be sure that your room matches your vision.

After we come to your house, we’ll sit down and figure out what you want in a window treatment. We’ll cover issues like your lighting, privacy, and energy efficiency ideas, and we’ll ask about hard-to-reach or specialty-shaped windows. Your rep will also ask about how the room is used and what style you are trying to attain. We want to fulfill your final vision, so the more information, the better.

That may require going through different products and contrast each window treatment against each other. Most people want to explore a few different ideas, like comparing Polywood with our real-wood Ovation® shutters or finding the best stain to match your color scheme. We’ll also show you all the options available for the treatment, like available colors, louver sizes, or hidden tilt-rods.

After you decide on a treatment, we’ll take percise measurements of your windows. We will typically measure the windows in every room in your home—even if you only need to buy window treatments for some of your windows. We get multiple measurements because many of our clients ask to be able to order additional shutters or blinds with just a phone call. At the end of the appointment, we will guide you through a detailed, written quote, so there are no phantom numbers on your invoice.

Alt text: Sunburst Shutters van parked at customer's home. 

Red Flags For A Bad In-Home Shutter Consultation

While we are sure that Sunburst will perform compentent in-home consultation, there are some red flags you should never witness from any window treatment salesperson. As they say, the quality of the consultation usually equals the quality of the window treatments.

Primarily, your consultant should respect your home. The rep should arrive when promised, with all samples requested, and offer to prevent floor scuffs with shoe booties. Your rep should always bring product and company brochures and pricing details.

In regards to pricing, you should always get a detailed written quote. Don’t accept a vague guess, scrawled on a blank page or the back of a business card. And always reject pricing information without window measurement. You want to know how much you should pay and why. Be sure to to look at references and online reviews.

Discover The Perfect Window Treatments With A Sunburst In-Home Consultation

At Sunburst, we strive to match our clients’ windows with the perfect window treatment. Our representatives strive to be courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. And you should never get any pricing or quality surprises after the fact. Just call at 720-538-0182 to arrange your in-home consultation.