What Are The Perfect Cat-Proof Window Treatments In Denver?
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White polywood shutters in a corner with a chair and a cat.

What Are The Perfect Cat-Proof Window Treatments In Denver?

March 04, 2022

Few window treatments can withstand a playful, mischievous cat. Cats climb and pull down drapes, crease blinds or chew up, and claw at window shades. What’s a cat owner to do?

If you think you’re out of options for cat-proof window treatments in Denver, try plantation shutters. Their long-lasting construction and materials avoid damage from even the wildest felines. Here are all the reasons why interior shutters are the best window treatments for cats in Denver.


Your Cat Can’t Bring Down Solid Louvered Shutters

White shutters in a corner of a living room 

Every cat loves to claw and bite things. No matter the number of scratching posts you give them, they’ll still attack household objects. If that description fits your fur baby, you want cat-proof window treatments in your Denver house. Both premium hardwood shutters and faux-wood shutters are hard and durable. Your cat can’t bend or shred a louvered shutter. And if your particularly rough cat does leave scratches on a shutter louver, you can have that piece fixed rather than getting a whole new window treatment.

Interior Shutters Don’t Sway, Dangle, Or Tangle

White interior shutters in a modern farmhouse living room. 

If you have cats, you know that they adore batting at anything that hangs down and sways, such as fabric window shades and blinds. Even better if there’s a cord to bite and pull on. Then there are floor-length drapery to scale and hide in. Unfortunately for you, your cat’s fun can ruin flimsy window coverings.

To prevent your cat from treating your window treatments like its personal playground, invest in interior shutters. Nothing on a shutter dangles or swings when swatted. They just don’t attract cats the way that fabric window treatments and blinds do. Most likely, your cat will overlook them and return to her own toys. Their lovely simplicity makes shutters easy to use and work into your decor too.

Interior Shutters Let Your Cat See Out The Window

Interior shutters might not sound exciting for curious, playful cats, but your kitty will love peeking outside through the shutter louvers. Tilt the louvers open, and Whiskers can observe the wildlife and cars during the day while you enjoy partial privacy. If she enjoys sunbathing, adjust the louvers to direct sunlight toward the floor and keep it away from your eyes. Or you can open one shutter panel to let your kitty perch on the window sill for a full view.

Louvered Shutters Make Cleaning Easy

Office with white polywood shutters 

Sharing a home with a cat leads to lots of hair everywhere. Pet hair can be challenging to get off of fabric window treatments. You’ll have an easier time cleaning your Denver cat-friendly window treatments like interior shutters. They have a smooth, hard finish that just needs to be wiped down with a duster to remove most cat hair and dander. And both high-quality hardwood shutters and faux-wood Polywood® shutters are moisture-resistant, so you won’t ruin the finish if you use a damp sponge to wipe off more stubborn paw prints.

Find The Best Window Treatments For Your Cats In Denver From Sunburst Shutters Denver

Pet-lovers get the “purr-fect” cat-proof window treatments in Denver at Sunburst Shutters Denver. We’re glad to talk you through all of your choices and even bring samples to your house to demonstrate for you and your cat. Request your complimentary in-home consultation today by calling 720-538-0182 or fill out the form below.