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Polywood in a living room

The Top Living Room Window Treatments In Denver

April 14, 2021

Some Denver families utilize their living rooms for formal entertaining, others for more casual family time. Either way, the right window treatments will make your space more comfortable and inviting. Distinctive coverings like Polywood® shutters or window shades — even hardwood blinds and faux-wood blinds — bring another level of style and block unwanted glare and drafts.

Choose one of the following if you are looking for living room window treatments in Denver.
Plantation shutters in a great room

Plantation Shutters Keep Your Space Comfortable

For most Denver homeowners, the living room serves as a multipurpose room where they play games, entertain friends, and relax after a long day. Versatile plantation shutters can help everyone enjoy your living room. Composite Polywood® shutters and premium wood shutters are sturdy and easy to clean for families with children and animals but stylish enough to impress guests. The strong and functional louvers create a design focal point and can be cleaned quickly with a cloth to get rid of messy fingerprints or dust before you have company over.

Those louvers also let you control natural light in your living room. If you want something less than full sunlight, swing the shutters closed and turn the louvers to redirect the sun out of the view of your visitors or off your television. You might want to shut the louvers tight during peak sunlight hours to keep your space comfortable.

If your home is like others, you have oversized or a large number of windows in the living room. These bring in the sun’s heat and cold drafts. While stunning, they will let in excessive heat and cold drafts. They add panache but also allow heat and drafts that elevate your energy costs and make you uncomfortable. If you want energy-efficient living room window treatments in Denver, think about the benefits of interior shutters. Polywood® products minimize the impact of drafts and the sun’s heat better than other options to keep your living room comfortable for your family and guests.

Roman shades in a living room

Roman Shades Deliver Function And Appeal

When integrating with a formal living room, you may want more colorful window treatments different from the rest of your house. Keep in mind, there’s no need to compromise ease of use for aesthetic appeal. You can get the best of both worlds with distinctive Roman shades.

As you raise Roman shades, the the fabric clusters together but without the hassle of pullbacks like curtains or drapes. Conversely, Roman shades move easily with a lifting mechanism that can be corded or cordless. You can even install motorized shades so you don’t have to go to the window to adjust the shades can raise your shades together at the touch of a button.  You don’t have to break away from your visitors to lower a shade. You can find Roman shades in many colors, patterns, fabrics, and hardware finishes to perfectly complement the existing decor of your living room.

Cellular shades in a Denver living room

Cellular Shades Boost Your Home’s Efficiency

Another solid choice for efficient living room window treatments in Denver are cellular shades. Their fabric cells absorb outside air to reduce drafts within your space. This will help you stay warm when you’re curled up for a cozy winter’s day on your comfy chair and keep you cool throughout the warmer seasons when you’re socializing with friends.

Half-open cellular living room shades behind a couch 

When considering cellular shades, don’t be concerned about how they look. They are available in various sizes, colors, and textures to complement your decor. Your customization choices continue with opaque or see-through fabrics and everything in between to accomplish your goals of sun and seclusion. For all-around adaptability, consider shades that let you open them from the top for sunlight while covering the lower part of your windows to ensure privacy. 

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