Specialists Answer Your Top 3 Questions About Installing Shutters In Denver, Colorado

Gary Harding

Day in and day out, we get asked questions on how to install shutters in Denver. How do shutters fit the special shape of my window? How does Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions mount shutters on a window with a crank? Would a security system impact the shutter installation process?

I’ve encountered all of these concerns before. And I‘m here to tell you that when fulfilled by our experienced professionals, installing plantation shutters doesn’t conflict with your house’s security system, the shape of the window, or how it operates. Here are the top three questions about installing shutters in Denver, and how our specialists address them.

1. How Does The Shape Of The Window Impact Shutter Installation?

Windows come in all shapes and sizes: octagon, triangle, rectangle, circle, arch, and more. The question is how to install shutters (that are usually rectangular) on these specialty shaped windows?

Our Experts Installed Shutters On A Sunburst Arch Window In Denver, Colorado

Our professionals measure the dimensions of your window, taking note of each curve, angle, corner, or arch. Next, we enter the dimensions into proprietary software to generate a shutter template that accurately matches your window. This way, the edges of the shutter frame mimic your window’s frame. And once they are set up, the louvers can be tilted across the entire window - regardless of its shape. That’s right. You won’t be stuck with arch window shutters aren’t functional. And the shutters make the shape of the window shine!

2. How Does The Way The Window Operates Affect Shutter Installation?

Installing shutters on a window doesn’t affect the way the window opens. Windows that tilt, slide, or open with a crank can have plantation shutters installed. That’s because plantation shutters are custom-fit to the window in your home.

Whether the shutter frame is mounted outside or inside the window’s opening, it‘s based on the way the window operates. If the window utilizes a crank, the shutter frame is likely installed on the outside. The same goes for windows that tilt in. But windows that slide have the shutter frame installed on the inside of the window opening. How deep the windowsill is, the clearance available above and below the window, and the shape of the window also determine the type of shutter frame you select.

Our specialists consider the size of the existing window casing, the clearance available above and below the window, the window’s shape, and the depth of the window opening. And, we create and install your shutter frame to your window’s specifications.

3. Does A Security System Impact Shutter Installation?

Your security system does a great job of protecting your house from break-ins. When installing shutters on your windows, think about the kind of monitoring device you have in that area.

If the motion detector is directly on the window or its frame, installing shutters shouldn’t alter the alarm’s performance or trigger it. That’s because the shutters do not obstruct with the sensor’s signal. The only way the alarm is triggered is if the glass is broken or the window is opened.

If the motion detector is mounted on a wall, shutters are not likely to trigger the alarm either. This type of sensor transmits infrared rays and uses the reflection of those rays to sense if there is a disturbance to the room. An unwanted visitor creates an obstruction to the detector’s rays, setting off an alarm. The actual shutters won’t.

Our experts have set up shutters with all types of different security systems in place. Installing shutters in Denver should never jeopardize the security of your family - and your peace of mind.

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