How To Clean Your Plantation Shutters

Gary Harding
A Quick Lesson for Denver Residents on How to Clean Shutters

Whether you’re cleaning your whole house or prepping your house for a gathering, cleaning your Denver shutters is a job that needs to be done, and done the right way. If not, you could be looking at lasting stains, faded colors, or damage to the shutter.

So how do you clean plantation shutters? It depends on what kind of shutters you have in your Denver home.

Cleaning Wood ShuttersCleaning Faux Wood Shutters

Cleaning Natural Wood Shutters

How To Clean Wood Shutters In Denver, Colorado

When cleaning natural wood shutters, try to take special care not to do anything that could damage the finish or expose the wood to moisture.

You’ll want these supplies to clean your shutters:

  • A microfiber dust cloth

  • A soft, dry cloth

To clean the dust off of wood shutters, all that’s needed is to give the shutter panels and frame a quick once-over with a dusting cloth.

For cleaning smudges, try rubbing first with a dry cloth. You normally shouldn’t use a damp cloth unless absolutely necessary, and even then, the less damp the cloth, the better. Only do this for the affected area – don’t scrub the entire shutter with it. If you’re using a wet cloth, always follow it with a dry cloth. Also, don’t ever use a caustic chemical agent, or you could risk damaging the wood finish. 

Cleaning Faux Wood Shutters

Cleaning plantation shutters in Denver is a breeze

Cleaning your Denver faux wood shutters like Polywood® is a little different than wood shutters. Typically, there’s no finish stain that needs to be preserved, and faux wood is harder to scratch or damage.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A microfiber dust cloth

  • A slightly damp cloth

Using a microfiber cloth, go over each part of your shutters to get rid of any dust or dirt. For bigger stains or messes, use a slightly damp cloth to wipe them down. Like with real wood shutters, don’t use any chemical compounds or any abrasive cleaners.

A slightly wet cloth is fine to use to clean faux wood shutters, but it’s usually a good idea to dry the shutter after removing the mess.

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Note: These steps were specifically written with Sunburst Shutters products in mind. For how to clean shutters from a different company, contact your shutter dealer.