How To Choose A Sturdy Shutter In Denver

Gary Harding

One of our locations in Texas was recently reached by a previous customer. The customer had their home destroyed by a twister earlier this year, but their Sunburst Polywood® plantation shutters held out. 

A home in Texas that was demolished by a tornado 
The customer’s house required a complete rebuild due to damage, but there were only a few slats broken on a single shutter panel on one edge of their home. Every one of the other Polywood shutters in their home were in flawless shape! The homeowners are now rebuilding their house, and once they finish, their local Sunburst store will revisit the home to install the very same shutters they purchased in their new home.

A pair of plantation shutter panels that survived a twister.

Most likely, your shutters won’t need to survive a tornado. But there are some points to make sure of when choosing shutters in Denver that are durable and will add charm to your home for generations.

*Disclaimer: Sunburst Shutters doesn’t guarantee that their our products will withstand a tornado or other natural disasters, but this is just one example of the durability and longevity of our Polywood shutters. Refer to our lifetime warranty.

Sturdy Material

Wooden plantation shutters in a Denver home office

The number one quality to be sure of when choosing a long-lasting window treatment is that it’s made from a highly resilient material. For wood shutters, look for products made from wood that’s sturdy, straight, and lightweight. Both furniture grade teak and basswood (the types of woods our Ovation® shutters are built with) meet this criteria.

For engineered shutters, choose shutters built from a solid compound such as our Polywood® shutters. These shutters have more durability than composite shutters, which tend to peel and chip easier due to their structure. Polywood shutters are also resistant to fire, moisture, and termites.

Top-Notch Construction

A shutter’s build has a key role in its durability. The slats of Polywood shutters keep their perfect amount of “give” by using tension control pins. They also have epoxy-coated stainless steel staples which are very difficult to remove. Polywood’s core is solid, and its joints are fortified and glued to give tremendous strength. Our Ovation shutters are the only five star wood shutter in the world and utilize two styles of joints: dowel joints and mortise and tenon joints, which allows for extra stability. Sunburst is the sole place which can give you shutters constructed with extreme durability in mind.

Sunburst Shutters makes it a priority to take the utmost consideration in the measuring, creation, and installation processes to give you elegant custom shutters that match your windows without a hitch.

Color Which Lasts

White plantation shutters in a Denver living room with dark hardwood floors.

It’s normal to want shutters that will look brand-new decades after installation. A good number of composite shutters are prone to fading or yellowing over their lifetime. Sunburst’s Polywood shutters won’t ever lose their luster, due to a protective coating that inhibits ultraviolet light that causes fading. All of our shutters are simple to keep clean by easily wiping with a dustrag.


Warranties are another important component when choosing shutters or other window coverings. When selecting a high-quality shutter, you need a warranty to guarantee your investment. Our Polywood shutters include a lifetime warranty against any problems that might occur in materials, workmanship, paint finish, or installation. Sunburst’s Ovation shutters come with a warranty which protects you from any manufacturer imperfections. 

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