Best Window Treatments For Privacy In Denver

Gary Harding

Letting daylight through your windows is a critical element of creating the right indoor environment. Sunshine casts light on your daily activities and elevates your home decor. However, many Denver homeowners fail to take advantage of the beautiful daylight, as sliding your window treatments open also creates an opportunity for prying eyes.

Thankfully, you’ll never have to sacrifice your privacy for outdoor light with the leading window treatments for privacy in Denver -- Polywood® plantation shutters!

Polywood shutters in a living room.

Durable Plantation Shutters Are Designed With Privacy in Mind

Polywood shutters are expertly crafted for the right mix of light and privacy. Thanks to small gaps and due to the small spaces, you can create and a full range of movement, you can effortlessly tweak your shutter louvers to allow the right amount of daylight while concealing your home from curious onlookers.

Enjoy greater command of how much light you allow by customizing with your choice of slat sizes: the 4.5” for enhanced viewing and ease of cleaning, 3.5” standard plantation shutter or the 2.5” colonial-type choice. Whatever the width or height of your opening, rest assured that your customized plantation shutters will be a perfect fit while still welcoming an abundance of natural light.

A great advantage of Polywood shutters is that they can be fitted to windows of any shape. Unique circle or octagon-shaped windows are typically a challenge to fit and may compromise privacy. But plantation shutters can be crafted to your precise window sizes, which means you are able to angle the slats for sunshine and privacy, and still experience the unique aesthetic of your specialty windows.

Roller shades in a living room.

Optional Window Treatments For Privacy in Denver

If you would like a window treatment a bit different from a Polywood shutter that still gives you the ability to balance privacy and natural light, you might consider several additional options:

  • Zebra Shades: You will find that a zebra shade brings an impressive amount of light flexibility. This product is fabricated with a length of fabric that alternates solid and sheer panels. When open, the treatment looks like it has stripes, while allowing plenty of natural light. In the event you want to block the light, just adjust the opaque paneling so they meet your needs.

  • Sheer Shades: When there is concern a Polywood shutter might be too heavy, you have the option of a sheer shade. These popular window coverings function in much the same way as interior shutters, as they are manufactured with thin, louver like slats in between the two layers of sheer fabric. Light filters through the fabric, and you can tilt the slats to get the amount of desired privacy.

  • Roller Shades With Opaque Material: Your options are virtually limitless when considering roller shades in Denver. But when you want true privacy, black-out shades function more effectively than sheer shades as they prevent the visibility of shadows through the window at night.

Sunburst Shutters Denver Can Bring You the Right Window Treatments for Privacy in Denver

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